If you hadn’t already heard the news, Florida Notary Professional has relocated to 3585 N. Courtenay Pkwy Suite 7; Merritt Island, FL 32953!

Our new offices are gorgeous, and we’d love to share a few photos of them with you so you know what to expect when you visit us for any real estate closings, loan signings, health care directive notarizations, will notarizations, or anything else you need notarized. However, who wants to look at photos of someone’s office?

So, instead, since it’s October and Halloween month, we thought we’d make up some fictional ghost stories for each photo to make the otherwise mundane exciting and spooky!

Who’s ready for a haunted tour of our office? Oooooooooohhhh…

On a dark and stormy night where the weather was still muggy as hell at 90 degrees even though it was raining, back in the year 1993 which was actually 26 years ago if you can believe it, a man died when working on this sign. Old Ned Neederburger was dutifully changing the letters on the sign to herald a new business coming to the building – a Tamagotchi shop. As he was trying to figure out how to spell Tamagotchi, lightning struck his letter-hanging pole (the official word for it) and he died instantly. To this day, on stormy nights, you can still see Ned wandering around the sign with a ghostly glow and if you get close enough you can hear him mutter “It was just a stupid fad” over and over again. Spooky!

In this very conference room, while notarizing a very mundane will, an old Notary Public by the name of Edith Fillerup accidentally drew an ancient sigil from before the dawn of time, summoning an evil spirit named Bob who took her, her assistant, four pens, and a Diet Coke with him into a supernatural portal, never to be seen again. However, if you ever sit in a chair at the end of the table at exactly 4:35 PM on a Friday when the moon is full, you might feel a chill that’s even colder than our incredible air conditioning system and four pens will shimmer and disappear from the pen cup. Creepy!

Every person who has sat at this desk has witnessed something supernatural. From clients showing up with all of the right paperwork in hand to lawyers not being on their phones when they walk in the door, there’s always something eerie, but the most terrifying event had to be the day that the desk was unmanned for only a matter of minutes, and when someone returned, they found that pizza had been delivered by a ghost! Or a pizza delivery guy who had walked in and then left before anyone saw him. Spoopy!

Are you ready for chills, thrills, and our notary skills? Come visit our new offices today for all of your notarization needs, and happy Halloween!