There’s an old saying: You can pick your nose, you can pick your drapes, you can pick your friends, but you should really pick the right notary. (Or something like that.)

When it comes to important documents that you need to get notarized, you basically have two options:

  1. Ask your Great-Aunt Fanny who became a Notary Public in 1955 for an undisclosed reason to climb up into the attic at 84 years old, find her notary stamp where it’s been sitting for thirty years in a box with her husband’s ashes, a year’s worth of Harper’s Bazaars, and a collection of inverted flag stamps worth four dollars, dust it off, and notarize your document in exchange for an hour or two of conversation in her home that she keeps at a stultifying 86 degrees year-round; or
  2. Go to a professional who provides notarizations for a living, stays up-to-date on the current rules and regulations, and knows exactly what they’re doing.

You might see where we’re going with this one. A professional is not only going to be more efficient and capable than a hobbyist Notary Public, but they’re less likely to make any errors. Do you want your will, deed, trust, loan signing, or real estate transaction to be at risk because you just asked your Facebook friends which one of them happens to be a notary?

In our line of work, we hear when the occasional deed is rejected because of a poor job on the notary’s part, or a signing is challenged in court and the notary is unable to offer proof or verification. Sloppy notarizations just cost time, effort, and money for someone who could have avoided it!

Here at Florida Notary Professionals, we’re just that: professionals. We carry a million dollars in errors and omissions insurance coverage. We keep meticulous journals that allow us to verify and legitimize notarizations if they’re ever questioned. We know the state laws and follow the rules carefully. We notarize thousands of documents a year. And we attend the national notary conference every year to keep up-to-date on any issues that might arise for anyone in the industry.

So, if you just need to get your super-long CVS receipt notarized so you can wear it like a scarf and you like the feel of embossing, call up Great-Aunt Fanny. But if you have something that is important, choose a professional. Even better, choose Florida Notary Professionals!