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Wills and More: How to Prepare for the Notary Public

As you probably know (and if you don’t, you’ll know it by the time you finish reading this sentence), in order for the courts to recognize certain documents like wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives as official, they need to be notarized. There’s also a chance you’ve never had to get anything notarized and might be a bit [...]

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Top Five Reasons To Use A Mobile Notary

Florida Notary Professionals doesn’t just have a great office where we do real estate closings, loan signings, and provide notarizations in-house, along with free coffee and water (we’re ritzy like that), but we also provide mobile notary services! Why would you want to use a mobile notary, you may ask? We’ll tell you! It’s convenient! Well, for you. We’ll come [...]

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Choose Your Notary Public Carefully

There’s an old saying: You can pick your nose, you can pick your drapes, you can pick your friends, but you should really pick the right notary. (Or something like that.) When it comes to important documents that you need to get notarized, you basically have two options: Ask your Great-Aunt Fanny who became a Notary Public in 1955 for [...]

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Five Reasons You Need A Notary Journal

Listen, nobody likes wearing pants, right? They're uncomfortable, they don't let the wind tickle your pale chicken legs, and we take them off as soon as we walk in the front door. But we still wear them, because we have to. Notary journals are the pants of the notary public world. If you could avoid them, you would, but you really [...]

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13 Times When You Should Just Say No

Being a notary public is all about helping people. We help them with marriages and divorces and home loans and contracts and wills and trusts and anything else that needs our seal and is legal under state law. It's nice to help people, and it's nice to say yes. But there are plenty of occasions when it's your responsibility as [...]

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Five Notary Best Practices

While there’s a low barrier of entry to be a notary public, the standards to which you hold yourself will define your success as well as help you prevent legal troubles down the road. Here are five practices we recommend you follow to cement your status as a reputable Notary Public: 1. Become an expert on your state laws and procedures. [...]

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My First Loan Signing as a Notary Signing Agent

When it comes to being a Notary Signing Agent, I am not exactly a seasoned veteran, nor am I a newbie.  I fall somewhere in the middle--I've conducted hundreds of loan signings and consider myself a solid, competent notary, but I've never known a world without Snapdocs. As I look back on the many signings I've completed, I often think [...]

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Welcome to Florida Notary Professionals!

We at Florida Notary Professionals are excited about the launch of our new website, but we are even more excited about the upcoming launch of the Florida Notary Directory which will be featured on our website. This directory will provide a listing of current Commissioned Florida Notaries and Certified Signing Agents which will be promoted to and accessible by title [...]

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